Park BBQs

A must for all councils, National Parks, mine sites and other public spaces, the Park BBQ is easy-to-clean, tamper-proof, safe and hygienic.



Park BBQs

The Heatlie Park BBQ is designed specifically for community facilities such as National Parks, Playgrounds, Sporting Clubs, Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds. These barbecues are very safe, practical, low maintenance and as with all Heatlie products come with the reputation of being hard wearing and quality products.

All Park Barbecues are covered for 1 year by the Heatlie Warranty Policy for Commercial products.

Available in two sizes
PB 600DS – has a cooking area of 600mm x 460mm
PB 1000DS – has a cooking area of 10000mm x 460mm.
It has a 5mm stainless steel hotplate, which flips up for easy maintenance.

Other features

  • The Heatlie Park BBQ comes in LPG only, and can be built in OR supplied with specific cladding made from stainless steel for stand alone barbecue.
  • Easy one push start to start the burner, heat the plate and sets the timer going.
  • The locked cabinet door ensures the BBQ is not able to be tampered with. There are no knobs or buttons to be damaged.
  • Stainless steel plate and burners.
  • Stainless steel bench tops can be supplied for extra serving space.

Box Contents
The Park BBQ can be supplied ready to install into brickwork, or with a casing enclosing using to make it a stand alone product that can be installed in bench tops and the like.

Installation – into brickwork
For this application, the BBQ is supplied on a frame. The frame is then encased in whatever brickwork the builder decides to encase it in. The lockable door is part of this framework and is still accessible from the front. The hotplate is still accessible for repairs and maintenance from the top.

Installation – Clad unit for stand alone or in bench top
The BBQ is manufactured exactly the same as the one tobe bricked in. The casing is supplied as 2 extra pieces. The front part of the casing will already be attached to the BBQ . The other two parts of the casing are basically equal in size, and wrap around one side each and meet at the back.

Easy one push start – the front panel pushed once ignites the bbq, starts the flame failure and sets the timer going. The gas flame heats the plate within 2 minutes and is ready to begin cooking.

Are spare parts available?
Spare parts are available from our selected spare part distributors.

How do I care for the park BBQ?

A comprehensive maintenance schedule included on purchase includes the following:

  • Fat container needs emptying at regular intervals.
  • Check list for all parts which may need attention to keep the Park Barbecue in working order eg igniter cable, electrode
  • Remove any spider webs, insect nests etc. As these can make homes in tubes and pipes and cause blockages.
  • Light burner to check colour of flame. If it is a clear blue, it is a healthy flame. If it is Orange and not a strong burning flamethis indicates there may be an obstruction inside the burner. Using high pressure air, clear any obstructions.
  • Check the orifice in the gas jet to make sure it is clear of fat and dirt.
  • Check burner port holes for obstructions, clear if blocked.
  • Remove any leaves or sticks that may have made their way into the flue area. The flue needs to kept clear otherwise the burners may snuff out.
  • Check the underneath of the hotplate for carbon build up. Sometimes if the burner is blocked it can produce a black carbon which builds up on the underside of the hotplate which in turns reduces the heat in the hotplate. This carbon needs to be scraped off and the problem causing the carbon eliminated.
  • Check burners for Rust. They should not rust easily as they are made from stainless steel, but in some areas even stainless steel can be affected and can slowly rust. When this happens it can cause a yellow flame. As the rust deteriorates the burner, this can cause ‘blow back’ in the burner, where the gas can’t get through and the flames will rush back towards the area where the gas enters the burner. If this happens, it is time to replace the burners.

Hotplate Maintenance
The fat should be scraped off and the plate wiped over with hot soapy water. Occasionally the plate may need to be cleaned with a scourer to remove excess grime. After washing the plate should be re oiled and heated, as per the initial seasoning of the plate.