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Sweet stuff

From pancakes and pizza to baked seafood, slow-cooked roasts and even lasagne, today’s barbecues can be used to cook just about any meal – not to mention the traditional chops and snags. But have you considered using your barbecue to whip up dessert? Barbecues that feature a stainless steel hotplate, such as Heatlie’s Island Gourmet […]

Vegetarian delight

Think barbecue and most of us will expect meat to be on the menu. But with Roy Morgan Research recently finding that almost 10 per cent of Australians identify as vegetarian*, it’s a good idea to have a few veggie-friendly barbecue dishes up your sleeve.   Likewise, people who are vegetarian shouldn’t shun the barbecue. […]

Street food-style barbecuing

My family and I love to travel – both for business and pleasure – and experiencing authentic food, fresh produce and the dining culture of our destination is always a priority. As a self-confessed barbecue tragic, I love to check out what the locals are barbecuing, and I’m always amazed by the different types and […]

‘Expert Advice’ column

Offering year-round entertaining, extending your living space and adding value to your home, it’s little wonder that Aussie home owners have embraced outdoor kitchens with enthusiasm. However, there are traps for young players, so whether you’re adding an outdoor kitchen to an existing home or incorporating one into a new build, it’s important to do […]

Which barbecue is right for you?

When my husband and I first bought Heatlie Barbecues a colleague told us that a typical customer started barbecuing on a round, three-legged portable gas barbecue like everyone had in the 1970s and 80s. Then, when they wanted something more substantial and impressive, they graduated to an outdoor kitchen-type unit, complete with five-burners, half grill, […]

Barbecue brilliance

Summer is the season for barbecues and most units get a work-out over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. But is there too much of a good thing? Even the most die-hard outdoor cooking fan can get tired of the same old foods and set-up, so in the interests of taking your barbecue repertoire […]

Planning an outdoor kitchen

One of the hottest outdoor design trends is the outdoor kitchen. But like any home renovation project, careful planning is required. Andrea Mead, owner of Australian barbecue manufacturer Heatlie, gives us her top tips:   Position – think about the outdoor kitchen’s proximity to other areas of the house, privacy and how to optimise any […]

Vegetarian Delight

Bring your veggies outside and embrace meat-­free barbecuing for fresh and healthy meals Think ‘barbecue’ and most of us will expect meat to be on the menu. But with Roy Morgan Research recently finding that almost 10 per cent of Australians identify as vegetarian. It’s a good idea to have a few veggie-friendly barbecue dishes up your […]